About Noise
The background, philosophy and process

Noise Multimedia Background

Noise Multimedia was founded and is run by Ian Smith, an Industrial Design graduate from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Ian started as a sole trader on graduating and has been working for himself ever since (now over 12 years ago.) In this time he has managed projects ranging from logo design to DVD production and all in between. The company specialises in producing design for online applications and works with partners to deliver a range of products and services from printed materials to full content managed web applications.

The Noise Philosophy

The idea behind Noise is 'simplicity' - to deliver a quality product that communicates clearly through visuals and text. We listen and research before delivering a design solution that best represents each client. We let our work and our clients to the talking - If you want a reference please contact us. Noise work closely with a small number of partners to deliver a range of products at top spec.

The Design Process

The first part of any design process is education. What we do is learn about our client and the sector they work in to get a feel for who the design will be talking to, how to best represent the client and to try to produce something that is memorable. The first consultation with any client is free. We will meet with you and discuss your brief or help you develop one. We then quote for the overall job, including any partner costs that may be required (printing, hosting, coding and development) and then on agreement. We include the client in the process by breaking it down into milestones that require signoff so that the process does not go too far without the client being happy with the design direction.

Interested in a brochure or website? Read on...

There are a few things you can do before going down the road of developing a website or designing a brochure, or indeed any design process. Here is a simple 3 point checklist to help get your thoughts in order:
  • Firstly, make sure you know your audience - knowing who you are talking to will help chose the words and images that will appeal or 'speak' to them.
  • Secondly, find samples that you like - this will help tell us what you expect from the finished product.
  • Finally, compile all the information you have, ideally into an email or a folder, and bring them with you to the consultation
This simple checklist will help speed up the process and work as a starting point for discussion.
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