DCU Conference
Branding and brochure delivery for the 3rd annual HEIR conference

The Brief

The 3rd annual HEIR conference was held in DCU in 2010 with the campus hosting not just other peers from Ireland but from all over Europe and beyond. DCU had to produce a booklet as well as banner up displays that would help the attendees know where and when everything was happening and give them an introduction to the event.

Design Development

For the conference brochure we decided that an A5 size would be appropriate as it would be easier to carry and hold onto. We then created a colour code for the main topics of discussions as it was explained that attendees would be mainly interested in just one topic each. We applied this colour coding to a map of the various locations so that there was a clear link between topic and venue.
The map itself was contained on an external fold on the back page so that it could be viewed at all times, with the event schedule printed on the reverse of this page. This fold acted as a bookmark while reading the brochure. The look and feel, developed by Maja Paskas, was carried through to all materials for consistency of branding and the position of each partner logo was carefully considered to make sure all parties were happy. The brochure was printed on a 120gsm silk stock with a 300 gsm cover and a matt celloglaze finish.


Our partnership with
Print Depot allowed us deliver a top quality design and print product. By taking the end user into account we changed the layout of information and presented it in a way that was clear and easy to follow. The result was received very favourably by the client and those at the conference. We look forward to working with DCU in the future.