The Irish Student Press
Brand Development, Newspaper design & Website development

The Brief

James Reeves, a school teacher from Athy Co. Kildare, started the Irish Student Press in 2008 as a way of introducing secondary school kids to news and current affairs. More than that he aimed to give kids an involvement in the product, encouraging them to submit content to the paper and now to the website. Noise were contracted to develop the brand, the newspaper template, complete the ongoing design and layouts for the paper, and recently to improve the online experience for the readers. James did not want to 'dumb down' the information or it's presentation so, while the product had to be bright and appealing, it had to have enough gravitas to give weight to the topics and information.

Design Development

The brief was quite clear and the first step was to create the masthead, the top section of the paper, as well as establishing the overall colour and font palette for the products. Ian chose Clarendon Bold s the main masthead font and minion pro as the main body text. A solid Cyan was chosen for the main colour as it was a very clean printable colour for newsprint and would translate well online. The colour palette that followed rand from Red through to Green and each section was given a different colour. It was decided that the way to make the paper appeal was to carefully consider the choice, size and placement of images on each spread to make sure that the text was framed in a way that made the pages approachable without being in any way cartoony. As the paper was being printed full colour throughout this allowed for great flexibility in delivering a 24-32 page product over a 3 day turnaround. The online experience developed in earnest at the start of 2010. At that stage we proposed that WordPress could afford James the ability to manage a workflow of content by creating a number of different contributors who had access to sections of the site. It also allowed James deliver much of the student and school specific content in an interactive environment. The site includes links to Facebook and Twitter as a further way to generate traffic and interest. The site is generating great hits and is working particularly well as a resource for Transition Year students.


Noise have been able to deliver a quality newspaper aimed a secondary school kids that doesn't dumb down the information, in content or delivery, but acts a great resource for kids. Wordpress provided the perfect platform to develop a powerful but simple to use CMS that enables content be easily added and sectioned while being highly visible to search engines and linking in well to social media. Visit the website for more info: