Double Z Enterprises
Packaging and website design


Double Z Enterprises are the Dublin based television production company behind the hugely popular and successful Zig & Zag and Podge & Rodge. Over the years Noise has worked with the company to design CD, Video and DVD covers for their products as well as instore promotional pieces, t-shirt prints and packaging such as the Podge & Rodge plush toys opposite. Noise also delivered a simple and effective HTML site for double Z.

Design Requirements

While the overall brief for designing packaging is to make it stand out on busy shelves, both Podge & Rodge and the Zig & Zag brands had differences in approach. While Zig & Zag were playing to a younger audience (and those nostalgic for more innocent times!) the Podge & Rodge brand needed to be edgier and take more risks visually.


Double Z have a very good handle on their market and what they want from their design work. This makes our job easier in delivering products that deliver their material in the right tone but also making it stick out and get noticed. Over the years I believe we have developed a style for these designs that works very effectively for Double Z.